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Meet Leon and Kirt, two guys that explore much of the untold humor in life. Leon is the random goofy spontaneous monstrosity that his room mate, Kirt, has to constantly keep in check. Kirt is your stereotypical "gimme all the girls" kinda guy. This comic is only in its' infancy, and I'm pretty restricted to the artistic nature due to being deployed to Iraq. The artwork is currently done on Paint, as you can tell going from Page 7 to 8 that I've made huge improvments, and still improving on it. Also, I warn that there will be some suggestive themes, and a small bit of swearing, but not too much. This is more rated PG13 :P. If Zohan the movie could get by with that rating I'm sure I can too. Enjoy! And don't let the ugliness of the first several pages scare you away. :D

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9 Medievil Porn

November 22nd, 2008, 4:57 pm

Gone for a few

Sorry, I've got something going on and I wont be able to update for 2 weeks or so :( So check back in early December for the next comic!

November 16th, 2008, 11:17 pm

Strip 3...the digital monster

I did In Love With A Stripper weeks before I found a way to better smooth out the pixelated look. It would take me hours upon hours to go over and fix the whole thing. It would probably be faster to just re"draw" the whole strip. However I'm a sucker for original finishes (for the most part)

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